SVX SatNav Mount

After a few mishaps with the Garmin sucker-type screen mount falling off in the sunshine I decided it was time to fit the SVX mount I picked up cheap on eBay last year.
The ‘SVX’ was a limited edition Defender launched in 2008 with various mods/upgrades including a Garmin GPS (Nuvi 750).
Fortunately the current range Garmins use the same ball fitting so they attach no problem 🙂
The mount itself is part number LR018662 but comes with no accessories or fittings so I needed to fabricate something myself.
There is an official LR bracket/backing plate but it’s part of a kit with wiring, speaker etc. included. Oh, and it costs £300! (part No. LR008217 if you’re interested and mad enough!)
Anyway, it’s not too difficult a task going down the DIY route – I just cut a leftover piece of steel bar the right length, drilled a couple of holes for a pair of riv-nuts and it’s not a bad job as a backing plate 🙂
All held together with a couple of black M5/30mm Allen screws.
It’s way more secure and more of a factory look than before – delighted 🙂
Interestingly the very first SVX were delivered with the sucker type screen mounts and the dedicated mount was only released as a revision a short time later.

PS. If you can’t find a mount or fancy something a bit cheaper, I noticed someone’s posted the .stl files on thingiverse so you can 3D print one.