Lockdown Projects, No.2 – 16800 dial swap

When I originally bought this Submariner, way, way back, the dial had an oil stain on it so I switched it for a ‘temporary’ spare one.
I just never got round to ‘fixing’ it till now.
The problem with the temporary dial was that it that it looks like a mk1 dial, however my watch is a later, end of the ‘matte dial’ line, mk4 (the most obvious difference being that the tail of f in 1000ft wasn’t right and the minute markers look thinner or don’t stand out so much).
This bugged me for years.
Anyway, turns out that cleaning the oil off the original dial was relatively easy with just some Rodico putty.
Switching dials on a Sub isn’t too difficult –
Remove the caseback, hands, and dial, refit in reverse order 🙂
When it was all back together, the correct, original dial looked darker and didn’t suit the faded bezel insert so I swapped that over too.
Wish I’d fixed this years ago.
So, all original again apart from the acrylic glass instead of the sapphire with cyclops – I’ve no intention of reverting that mod any time soon….
Great watch btw – currently running at less than +2 seconds per day.