Spider – Chromed Bumpers

This is a job that’s taken me literally years to get round to 🙂
First I went bumper-less – those old US impact bumpers had to go – they were horrible.
Then I fitted Abarth style bumper blocks – they looked great but I felt a bit of a fraud with people probably thinking it was some kind of rally car 🙂
I finally caved in and bit the bullet opting for these steel bumpers.
The decider was that these have fittings that bolt directly into the original tube mounts designed for the impact/shock absorber type.
What I didn’t factor in was a)that I’d thrown away the old bumper tube brackets a long time ago and had to buy replacements from the US – Doh! and b)the company I bought the bumpers from sent me 1 wrong/incorrect fitting and got very awkward about correcting this.
Anyway, main thing is, they’re on now and I think they look great 🙂