International Left Handers Day 2019

Ok, I’m not left handed but I do wear my watches on my right wrist.
This is the Tudor Pelagos LHD (Left Hand Drive) with the crown on the left.
Great watch by the way and no better way to celebrate International Left Handers day than wearing it 🙂

10 Things I like about it –
1 Hands are great – shape and colour is kind of a slight creamy shade
2 Red ‘PELAGOS’ – bit like a Sea-Dweller right? 😉
3 Size is 42mm – spot on!
4 Bracelet – cool way of loosening and tightening it
5 In-house movement – Manufacture Calibre MT5612-LHD (COSC)
6 Weight – being Titanium it’s light but not too light – a tiny bit over 140g on the bracelet
7 Lume – wow, that’s bright – even the bezel’s lume’d
8 Crown on the left – at last a nice watch I can change the time or date without having to remove it from my wrist first – I know, first world problems – how did I cope before 🙂
9 Power reserve = 70 hours!
10 Oh, and I like the unique number engraved on the case-back a bit like the original Tudor military Subs.
11 Ok, I said 10 but I can’t not mention the roulette date wheel – red numbers for even, black for odd.

Things I don’t like –
Ha, nothing – it’s all great 🙂