Guess the part? RTC6702G

Give up?
OK, it’s a fuel cut-off solenoid for the Land Rover.
When energized the bit sticking out on the right is drawn into the unit on the left allowing fuel into the injection pump.
Most importantly, this is an ‘ex’ fuel cut-off solenoid and the final part of the puzzle which has been driving me mad over the course of the last few weeks.
It all began when it was taking a few too many turns to start and I noticed a dribble of fuel seeping from the sender unit at the tank.
I stupidly overtightened it and broke the pipe.
Since then I’ve fitted a new lift pump, diesel filter, 2 sender units (the 2nd one actually sits snugly @ the tank unlike the 1st) and finally today a new solenoid.
The reason for the new solenoid is that I was able to turn off the ignition, remove the key, leave the vehicle and the engine would still be running – quite a good trick really 🙂
Anyway, all sorted and it’s running brilliantly.