Puma Dashboard Clips…Unobtainium(?)

So, while fitting the new stereo I noticed that one of the ‘fascia finisher fasteners’ (try saying that quickly!) above the instruments and where the torx screws attach to was mia/awol…
I was used to a vehicle made up of a pick’n mix of fixings and screws on the 300TDi but wouldn’t mind keeping the Puma original if possible.
Turns out these clips aren’t listed in any of the parts diagrams and are not available from JLR!
Fortunately someone over at defender2.net had discovered that these were also BMW Mini parts.
Strangely, I also discovered that it’s not uncommon for these parts to be missing from the dash and the screw just to be hanging in free air!
Anyway, after a bit of investigation it turns out that sure enough they are available as part No. 07 13 1 472 727 from BMW 🙂

Original Land Rover part on the right, new BMW part on the left – literally no difference at all 🙂