Nice Ar$e – Abarth style bumper blocks

This has been a project and a half.
The Abarth style bumper block is fitted to a shaft which is secured to the frame by a 4″ bolt.
Problem is that the only way to get the left hand side bolt in (or out) is to remove the fuel tank.
I’ve still no idea how I got it out in the first place when I removed the daft, 1/2 ton US bumpers.
Anyway, when I was removing the fuel tank I noticed the shield that protects the underside of the filler pipe had seen better days.
By pure coincidence someone was selling a new shield on eBay, in the UK!
Now, to find most parts for the spider you need to look overseas (they were never officially sold in the UK) and even then parts are so rare these days – after all the car is 35 years old.
So what are the chances of that turning up?!
Amazingly it fitted straight out of the box 🙂
Of course removing the filler hose from the tank meant cutting off the rusted wire clamp so I need one of those also.
Incidentally, never buy the cheap fuel siphon hose contraption thingy from a well known car and bike parts chain – utter garbage!