New fuel pump – yeehaaaaa!!!!

I noticed the ticking from the old fuel pump was getting more laboured and weak every time I started the Spider up these days.
Plus there was the odd cough and splutter at idle.
When you look at the state of what came out it’s little wonder why – ok, maybe the old Jidosha Kiki pump just needed a service but, tbh, it looked like it had seen better days and wasn’t ideal up front, jammed in a rats nest of pipes and wiring in the engine bay.
Oh and that old fuel filter…deary me!
Anyway, new Facet pump and Malpassi regulator fitted.
Apart from being a whole lot neater installation, the difference is incredible and I wish I’d done this relatively easy fix/upgrade years ago.
It confuses me why they use red for -ve and black for +ve though – anyway, hey ho, works a treat 🙂